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  • I can't stop making things. Clay, framed scratchboard prints, desert birds and animal carved tiles, collage, animal sculpture, little books and their illustrations, rock gardens or comfy interior environments. I love living in a small town USA desert town of Twentynine Palms, CA with open skies, starry nights, wondrous openness and people who still open doors for each other at the Post Office. 

What I Make

  • Every once in awhile I have the astonishing pleasure of making something that I can't help smiling at. If it does that for you too all the more wonderful. As new products are completed they will be added to this sight so thanks for staying tuned.

Where else to find my work

  • As an individual making whatever I want I sell these one of a kind pieces in my booth at Pioneer Crossing Art and Antiques in Yucca Valley, CA open daily 10:00 - 5:00. If your ever passing through I hope you'll stop by and enjoy. 
  • pioneercrossingantiques.com 


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